2 assignment please submit by each due date

Final Project (wk 8)
DUE: Mar 1, 2020 11:59 PM

Attachments checked for originality?

Assignment Instructions
Final Project: What is your personal economic philosophy? How did you arrive at this belief system? What are the main arguments in favor of this philosophy and why do you consider them to carry more weight than the key arguments against? What evidence from practical public policy debates in public sector economics helped to determine your views? Finally, what key recommendations for policy modifications or reforms do your arguments and overall economic philosophy suggest for the future of U.S. budgeting, taxation, welfare, defense or other policies concerned with public goods? You need not include recommendations for all of these areas (I suggest you pick two or three), but use the whole essay to demonstrate clearly that you have grasped and researched widely in the key areas the lessons have covered. Develop and support your points with evidence from peer-reviewed scholarly literature, and primary and secondary sources where appropriate.
Your final paper should be between 12-15 pages, use multiple scholarly sources, and follow proper APA formatting. Here is an example of a properly formatted paper. The iRubric contains the assessment criteria

Final Marketing Plan
DUE: Feb 23, 2020 11:55 PM

Attachments checked for originality?

Assignment Instructions
The paper for your term project is due this week. Your term project for this class is a 15 page marketing plan for the product or service that was approved in your week one proposal. It is to follow 6th edition APA format and be of a quality graduate level. Don’t forget to use an appropriate amount of references for a paper of this length. Please make sure you follow the marketing plan example from our book for the appropriate headings.

Course Objectives:

Develop a Marketing Plan.
Define the types of marketing research.
Analyze potential pricing alternatives.
Define channel strategy
Design a sales management plan.
Define the process for bringing a new product or service to market.

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