9 psychology questions


rach question is a 3 point question

Page 2251)     Exploring space is a great idea – but what’s in it for us?2)     In a space program dominated by robotic spacecraft and landers, what role remains for human beings?3)     How will the us government respond if china puts an astronaut on the moon?

Page 1671)     Why was plum island initially favored for working with highly infectious animal disease?2)     Why does the department of homeland security think plum island is no longer an appropriate location?3)     Why is foot-in-mouth disease considered a “trade disease?”

Page 1551)     What are “dual-use” technology’s?2)     Does creating a synthetic cell disprove the idea that life is scared?3)     How long before you think it will be before synthetic biology can be done at home? Is the prospect frightening?




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