Aboriginality, Poverty and Health – My Nursing Assignment

Topic: critical reflections
Critical Reflections to the weekly readings from weeks 2-13 inclusive. In these ‘weekly critical’ reflections you are to demonstrate a critical analysis of the material. This is not a ‘personal’ reflection it is a ‘Critical’ reflection. You may of course incorporate your personal response but not without academic rigour i.e. clear connection to the readings, demonstrating an understanding of the material and writing from an informed position.
*Critical Reflections are an analytical exercise, it is important not to summarise the weekly readings. Please note that this is a Critical Reflection, not a personal opinion post
*please make sure use the reference only i will give to you, do not use any other source this is the reference you should use it
Walter, M. (2007) ‘Aboriginality, Poverty and Health — Exploring the Connections’ Beyond Bandaids, Chapt. 5, available at: http://www.lowitja.org.au/crcah/beyond– bandaids
*Make sure you shuold read the Chapt. 5. you can find the book at attached
*Also you can use this refrences if you want.
Bailie, R.S. (2007), ‘Housing’, in B. Carson, T. Dunbar, R. Chenhall & R. Bailie (eds), Social determinants of Indigenous health, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, will be made available as e-reading
Marmot, M. ‘Social determinants and the health of Indigenous Australians’. MJA 2011; 194 (10): 512-513, available at: http://www.mja.com.au/public/issues/194_10_160511/mar10460_fm.pdf
Recommended Reading Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet (2008) Review of the impact of housing and health-related infrastructure on Indigenous health, available at: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/determinants/physical-environment/reviews/our– review
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