Accounting Information System Assignment

Solution to Part 1: You can use this file as starting point for Part 2, or just use it as guide to correct your own file. Please be sure that you start with all corrections made before starting part two. —>>> Assignment_1_Solution.xls
Assignment 2 check figures for Trial Balance Debits/Credits:

Beginning Balance: $630,827
Transactions: $1,269,860
Ending Balance: $1,023,325
Adjustments: $12,514 **There are NINE Adjusting Entries.**
Adjusted Balance: $1,028,185
EOM Closing Entries: $290,100
Ending Balance: $790,201

To submit for Assignment Two: – You do NOT need to turn in Part one of the assignment, as the problem states. – EXCEL: General Journal, General Ledger, and Trial Balance for the complete accounting cycle, January 2007. – SAP: Print-screen of (1) Balance Sheet, and print-screen of (2) Retained Earnings.

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