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Respond in 1000 words with a scholarly references. Use citations, site your work and add references.
How the aging process impacts personality development has been a focus of many research studies.  Abrams (1991) discussed that several factors need to be considered when reviewing the influence of aging.  These factors include:  selection of appropriate traits and dimensions; adaptive measures; views of life’s satisfaction; persistent factors versus change factors and whether or not personality should only be evaluated by self-report measures.   For instance, as humans age, adaptive factors such as risk taking have different meanings at the age of 20 versus the age of 60.   Additionally, persistent factors such as depression may influence personality trait development of being extrovert versus introvert. What are your thoughts on evaluating influence of aging by only using self- report measures ?
Abrams, R. (1991). The aging personality. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry: 6: pp. 1-3.
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