Analyzing the Fight for Health Care

Select one (1) of the following prompts. AIDress these questions in your thesisand in the body of your paper. Imagine you are writing to a reader that has never encountered this issuebefore.1) What were the major tensions and contradictions in ACT-UP’s fight for equality in the healthcare system in the 1980s and 1990s? Did the outcomes of that fight successfully aIDress thosecontradictions for the “public good”? Why or why not?2) What were the major tensions and contradictions involved in the fight to aIDress the sterilizationpractices of LA County-USC Medical Center in the early 1970s? Did the outcome of that fightsuccessfully aIDress those contradictions for the “public good”? Why or why not?3) According to the film, Unnatural Causes: Not Just a Paycheck (and course readings), what socialand economic forces have contributed to the widening wealth gap in America since the 1980s?What are some of the health-related impacts of these policies on certain groups of workers, theirfamilies and communities? How have these forces affected notions of the “public good” in healthcare?
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