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Where the livin (AND apparently the dyin) is easy..sadly South Carolina is firmly placed in the bottom 10 of states for overall health of their population.
Go to the website link of the United Health Foundation below to learn about the state of South Carolinas health ranking relative to other states. 
2020 marks the 30th year UHF has [ublished comprehensive reports on the relative state of out states’ health!  Watch their short and informative anniversary video here: (Links to an external site.)
  You can review SC’s overall summary report here: (Links to an external site.)Now pick another state at the United Health website to compare to South Carolina. If you or your relatives are originally from or live in another state, or you have traveled somewhere that you felt was quite different in terms of health, look it up and post your comparisons of the relative healthiness and shared and different problems of the two states!
You can use the pulldown menu at the link about or review all 50 states in this pdf file: (Links to an external site.)
Read and explore  the State Health Rankings website, then post your review of the state of our college home state’s health:  Compare the results in South Carolina to another state (your home or where you have family or friends). Where do you see the biggest differences, and why do you think they exist?  What do YOU see as the number one health problem in South Carolina? What can/should be done to address it?
THEN go to the following link for the WORLD Heath Rankings for another real eye-opener. Did you know life expectancy in the US has fallen to the point we aren’t even in the “good” category, with the US ranked 37th in the world for both males and females in 2016? (Links to an external site.)
Discuss the US Health Rankings versus those of other developed countries (like Canada, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, France). You can directly compare any two countries by choosing from the lists on the left and right of the page if you scroll down to the Compare Any Two Countries section!
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