Application Exercises | Graded Assignment

Application Exercises | Graded AssignmentChapter 1 Application Exercise 2
Search the Internet and locate the WHO ICD-10 2010 online version of Volume 2Search the Internet and locate the NCHS ICD-10-CMSelect a coding convention in WHO ICD-10 2010 online version of Volume 2 and compare it to the NCHS ICD-10-CMChapter 2 Application Exercise 2
Locate the AMA website onlineReview the information about the Category II codesSelect Category II code section at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Review the new and updated codes available. Discuss how these may have an impact on a healthcare provider’s practice, and how you may educate the provider about the new changesAssignment GuidelinesYou have the choice between writing a two-page paper, double-spaced, or creating a multimedia presentation in response to the exercises

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