assessing business value outsourcing and cloud computing

Resource:Denver Health.doc ( see attached )
    1.  What needs prompted Denver Health to adopt a Private Cloud/Thin Client solution?    2.  What are the advantages in adopting this cloud structure compared to the existing structure and another optional structure?    3.  Would this structure work for other enterprises in other industries?    4.  What security risks and issues might Denver Health face with this Private Cloud/Thin Client solution?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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NOTE: feel free to use the web for research. Do NOT copy large chunks of text from articles or web sites.  Read what is presented, put those ideas into your own words and reference your sources.NOTE: the term “includes” should lead you to think there is more to cover than just these items.NOTE: simply meeting the minimum requirements (700 words) does not earn you an ‘A’ – see my opening ‘Welcome’ post.
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