“attractions vs. stories” essay | Article writing homework help

Read the Tom Gunning article carefully and discuss the tension between the popular “Cinema of Attractions” that Gunning discusses and the desire for stories. 
How did technological breakthroughs contribute to either of these audiences desires?
*****you don’t need to be in judgement re technology and distribution/audiences etc. 
The overall thrust of the paper is not a judgement on technology. The big question is to define what the cinema of attractions is, and what narrative film is.
According to Gunning the early cinema of attractions were very popular. 
*****Re technology what technologies allowed the narrative, longer form cinema to come into the forefront? 
 (please write this part for two pages)
2. In the second essay, Walter Benjamin makes an analogy: that the “painter is to the magician” as the “cameraman is to the surgeon.”  What does this analogy actually mean? 
Re the surgeon and cameraman, are they seeing “Reality”? I will argue no, defining reality is very difficult. 
(please write this part for at least half page)
12points, TNR, 1.5 spaces

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