APA format. Based on the attached reading. Please describe your answer/answers in a 1-2 page paper. You may select any of the following questions.

How can you assess the healthfulness of a clientâ€s religiosity?
How can you help clients “pinpoint the basic beliefs that shape world views, feelings, and behaviors by tracking their statements and asking direct questions”?
How can you help clients explore the personal meanings that underlie abstract belief statements?
How can you help clients decide if they want to hold on to certain beliefs?
How might you point out inconsistencies in behavior and belief?
Is it possible for you to generate hope and be empathic and creative when your clients hold different religious perspectives than you?
What is the connection between spirituality and burnout? How do you help clients feel hopeful when you might feel hopeless?
Will it be difficult for you to challenge a clientâ€s beliefs if they are the same as your own?
How does your own religious upbringing affect your therapy?

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