BSC2085 Miami Dade Effect of Meningitis on Healthcare? Research Paper

Reports should include
Introduction as your first paragraph
Main text [no more than 5 pages ]
Conclusion as your last paragraph
References [more than 3] I am not going to accept reports without References
I will provide a list of different themes to the students to research from the application manual
It is an individual research.
The students have to use Microsoft word
The paper has to have the following:
Hard cover
Title page
Index page
Body of the paper requirements: minimum 5 pages, double space and font # 12
It has to include: Explain why did you chose the topic and its relation with the
material covered in this course .
– Concept: a short paragraph that summarizes the medical condition
– Causes: What are the causes of the medical condition?
– Symptoms and signs
Symptoms: What the patient refers to the Doctor
Signs: What the Doctor see, measure or listen with
instruments and maneuvers
– Diagnosis: Tools used to arrive to the diagnosis (Ex MRI, RX, Lab
– Treatments
– Prognosis
To see the Themes for the Research paper go to attachment # 3
Suggested Bibliography

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