BUAD 326 The New Year’s Eve Crisis Case Analysis Essay

Hello,INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT:Read Case “The New Year’s Eve Crisis” (class handout).Review “Attachment E: Analyzing Ethics Case,” which may be found in the syllabus and on Blackboard in the “Ethics Cases Materials” content area. Using the six questions, “Case Analysis Method for BUAD 326,” prepare a three page analysis of “The New Year’s Eve Crisis” case. Use subheads for each of the six questions. As you think about the case, make notes for yourself of any questions that you have about the case analysis method. Using the case analysis method and the six questions, we will “walk through” the case in class. Be prepared to discuss your own analysis of the case. Also be prepared to share any questions that you have about analyzing cases. We will use this case analysis method throughout the semester, and understanding it is important to your success in the course.Bring two copies of your answers to class on Monday, 02/08. One copy will be submitted to the professor, and you’ll use the other copy as we discuss the case in class on 9/07 and in the following class.Your case analysis essay that you submit will be graded on the basis of your having read and prepared essay answers about each step of the case analysis method. Your answers will not be graded on “right”, “wrong” or “maybe right/wrong” but will graded to verify that you have read the case, thought about your answers to each question in the Case Analysis Method, and have demonstrated your thought process by writing answers, in essay format, about each question. This is a practice case and the first time that we have reviewed the Case Analysis Method. I do not expect you to provide a thorough written analysis, as you will later in the semester, especially for questions 5 and 6. While a full case analysis will be eight to ten pages for teams, I expect your analysis about this case to be three pages. Use subheads for each of the six questions. You will most likely add a lot of detail to your essay answers as we discuss the case in class, and those addeddetails will be helpful to you later when you write your own analyses.Submit an electronic copy of your paper notes via SafeAssign by 2:00 pm on the due date by clicking on the hyperlinked title above..So you can help me? Please let me know

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