chapter 2 of getting more is full of thought provoking statements

“You are the least important person in the negotiation.” – Diamond, S. (2010). Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life. Three Rivers Press: New York, NY

Chapter 2 of Getting More is full of thought provoking statements like the one I have quoted above. For this Ethics Paper, I would like you to pull 3-5 thought provoking statements from either or both of the texts. Compare and contrast those statements to your own personal beliefs.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Does this statement fall in line with or go against my faith and ethical standards?
  • How does this specific statement challenge the status quo?
  • What does society say that either contradicts or supports this statement?

The structure of this paper should be as follows:

  1. Introduction: This is an overarching review of your paper, ending with a solid thesis statement
  2. Body Paragraph 1: Start with your first statement. Why did you pick this statement? What stood out to you? Consider the ethical nature of the statement.
  3. Repeat bullet point 2 for the remaining statements
  4. Conclusion: Restate your thesis (don’t just copy and paste your thesis statement from the introduction.) End with a summation. How did the reading impact your overall view point with regards to Negotiations and your faith? Tie everything together in your conclusion

Formating requirements:

  • Use proper citations for all work that is not your own. I do not care if you use APA or MLA, so long as you provide citations.
  • Use 12 point font and double space
  • There is no requirement for a cover page, so long as your name is on your paper
  • Paper length should be 2 pages


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