CIS 440 – Data analytics for business intelligence and decision-making. Assignment # 1 > Log on t

CIS 440 – Data analytics forbusiness intelligence and decision-making.Assignment # 1
>Log on to the”> browse/learn the content of the site, library! Prepare a list ofall the materials you find therein. Also list out the 20 items that you thinkare the most interesting and beneficial to you and briefly explain why for eachitem in your list. Limit yourself to the Business Intelligence/Analyticscontent (there is a lot of content on the site other than BI/BA as you willnotice).
· Be succinct andsummarize what you have to say in order to limit yourself to about (2 pagesdouble-spaced, 12 font size).· The grading will be relative, the bestsubmission(s) will get the highest score(s), the mediocre submissions will getlower scores.
* The due date for this assignment is Tuesday, September 8, 2015 by 6.00am.Late submissions are not acceptable.

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