Coming of Age Literary Analysis

Analyze two works discussed in this section with different implied arguments of how a person, especially
(although not necessarily) a child, matures or comes of age.
• Provide a clear thesis about coming of age or at least how some characters matured or failed to mature in the
works we have discussed.
• Support your thesis with interpretations of two works (you may refer to additional works if you wish but be
sure to develop your analysis of at least two works). It is usually helpful to contrast two works: one in which a
characters matures and one which you feel the maturation is insufficient or unsatisfying.
• This is a literary analysis paper. Thus much of your grade is earned by analyzing the works as literature.
Support your interpretations of the literary works by specific references to images, metaphors, actions, plots,
dialogue, narrative interpretation, etc. That is, provide concrete evidence from the works to support your thesis.

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