counseling question 3

1. Was it difficult to brainstorm an extensive list of different careers? If so, why? If not, what helped you write an extensive list?
2. The government estimates there are 10,000 different careers with 90% of the population employed within about 1000 of those careers. Do you find it exciting or overwhelming that so many different types of careers exist?
3. In the Career Development Model (the previous video), different stages are discussed. In which area do you feel most confident and in which area do you feel the most need for growth?
4. Have you, or anyone you know, experienced “career happenstance?” If so, how did this happen to you/them?
5. Do you, or anyone you know, not like their job? What advice would you give them (or yourself!)?
Please also respond to at least 1 of your classmates with thoughtful comments, ideas, suggestions and feedback.
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