Demonstrates clear understanding of article and complexity

Theme, Summary, and Analysis

Clearly identifies a specific and COMPLEX theme from the Book chapter 7 and conclusion. Explains the theme using own wording. Explains relevance of this theme to class. Uses relevant short quotation to support theme.
More than 200 words

Summarize clearly and succinctly the main points of the article “On the spatiality of the academic job market in critical human geography”. Demonstrates clear understanding of article and complexity. Uses short citations to explain. Summary has clear indications where there will be connections to the reading.
475 or more words.

Demonstrates a complex connection between the reading chapter 7, conclusion, and article. Explains clearly, using citations from both, how the research article applies to the theme from chapter 7 and conclusion. Draws complex connections across all readings and article.
700 words or more.

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