Developmental Psychology Virtual Scrapbook-Summative B

Assemble a virtual “scrapbook album” (in the form of a PowerPoint presentation) consisting of items that are vivid illustrations of concepts or topics covered in the course.
Topics:  Some examples of possible entry topics: Nature and nurture Erikson’s stages of Psychosocial Development A particular limitation in cognitive development (animism, childhood egocentrism, etc.) An example of how someone with a problem (high school dropout, anorexia, infertility, abuser or abused, etc.) possesses predisposing factors, how the person coped with the problem, or how it impacted development Gender role development at certain ages Examples of aspects of language development at different stages of development (overextension, overregulation, etc.) Demonstration of number or time concepts at certain ages
This is only a very limited list; many other possibilities exist! Your virtual scrapbook could include articles, photographs, and cartoons from magazines and newspapers; lyrics from popular songs; scenes from movies, television shows; and other media. You may also describe personal experiences in your scrapbooks. Your scrapbook must contain at least 10 separate entries. Every slide needs to have a citation from the book, as well as citation of multimedia used (picture, video, lyric, etc). To encourage variety, you can have no more than two examples from a given medium (e.g., newspaper articles). To demonstrate relevance and student understanding, in the “Notes” section of each PowerPoint slide, each example must be accompanied by a one-paragraph explanation of which developmental topic, issue, controversy, or concept the scrapbook entry pertains to and why. For example, do not just say, “This movie clip is an example of identity vs. role confusion.” You must explain what it shows about identity vs. role confusion and/or how this is important to development.  Do not merely summarize an item you have included. Your grade will be based in part upon your ability to synthesize theory and apply it to the examples you have chosen. You must cite the source of each entry. Use one PowerPoint slide for each topic. Each slide should include the specific topic (for example coping with death at specific stages of development) and the illustration of the topic (for example the song lyrics).  Make sure you cite your source. In the notes section of each slide, include your paragraph explanation as well as citations of sources used on that particular slide. The last slide of your presentation should be a reference page, citing all of the references used throughout the whole scrapbook.

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