Discussion on International Marketing: Analysis of Teas.Com.Au.

Need help with my writing homework on International Marketing: Analysis of Teas.Com.Au. Write a 2750 word paper answering; The ability to reach different target markets through e-commerce is one that is important while selling different products.&nbsp. In analyzing “teas.com.au” there are several aspects that can be considered with the e-commerce strategy used. &nbsp.The features, design, and content offered through this site all show several strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of this business.&nbsp. The concepts included with this specific site provide a different understanding of how the website can be enhanced to change the way in which the website is able to offer different aspects of e-commerce.&nbsp.
The ability of a corporation to reach a global market is not only reliant on brick and mortar strategies but also requires an e-marketing strategy that applies the main concepts of the brand (Fiore, 2000). When looking at specific websites, it can be seen that there is an implementation of different marketing strategies to ensure success within the corporation, specifically through the marketing strategy.&nbsp.
The first concept seen with the “Teas.com.au” website is the products offered through the company. The strength of the products is seen with the design incorporated into the website, specifically because the consumer has identifiable graphics that show the basis of the tea. The menu as well as the main images promote the tea and gives the viewer a sense of health with the tea, as well as a taste that the company defines as refreshing, healthy and fulfilling. For the product, this is able to define a high sense of quality. The images and graphics available through websites are known to instantly create a stronger presence and sense of professionalism among websites, making this one of the highest strengths of the website (Sheth, Sharma, 2005). This is followed by the content that is a part of the site. The content is kept to a minimum and doesn’t provide information about the uniqueness of the tea.&nbsp.&nbsp.
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