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Each online discussion question is worth 50 points. Your response directly to my discussion question is worth 35 points and it must consist of at least 75 to 100 words (not to be attached by file). Your response to at least one other colleague in the class is worth 15 points and must consist of at least 50 words. Your responses must state your opinion, use textbook chapter learning to prove your comments to challenge or support the question or writer, and must be, at least the word count mentioned above.
People have walked to the altar dressed in it, artists have made exhibits using it, and companies around the world have used it to ship their products. The product is Bubble Wrap, which has been manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation for the past 50 years.
The product has become somewhat of a pop icon loved by many who, for whatever reason, like the feel and sound when they destroy it, piece by piece, popping all the little bubbles. In fact, enthusiasts have even created more than 250 Facebook pages devoted to Bubble Wrap.
The company would like to celebrate its 50th anniversary by organizing various activities and events that will generate publicity in the mainstream media and on the Web. Your public relations firm has been retained to do some creative brainstorming about how the Sealed Air Corporation can generate more public awareness about a product that’s been on the market for a half-century. Attracting media coverage, however, will be a challenge; Bubble Wrap is a fairly mundane product and there’s nothing new or ‘sexy’ about it. What would you recommend?
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