Early Child Education-Field Placement

Learning story you will be writing – watch the video to complete the answers. Please write in short paragraphs under each questions and inside the tables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUYbBnXa6uI&list=PLknl7Z_QI4Mz-6yzlffs8umI5Q_89UvJj&index=32
What Happened: (You will use this video to document objective observations of the children and educators in the video.Observations must be detailed and specific. What did the children do and say? What did the educator do and say? Remember being objective means you document and describe exactly what you see! For example, if the children in the video are painting, what colours did they use? What did they say to their peers? What materials were being shared? To practice confidentiality, remember to use pseudonyms or idenify the children as Child A, Child B etc. You will be able to be subjective and make assumptions in the next section.)

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The post Early Child Education-Field Placement first appeared on nursing writers.

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