Ecosystems: Biomes

For this week, we will address biomes which are the specific types of ecosystems. Many of these will be
familiar to you. Our discussion this week gives you an opportunity to learn more about the features of
ecosystems, including, if you choose, to learn more about the natural inter-relationships of components of the
ecosystem where you live.
n learning about ecosystems, you will also learn about biomes. Depending on which source you read, different
authors list a different number of biomes. The number can vary from 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12. Most agree on the
simplest of at least five: Desert, aquatic, forests, grasslands and tundra. At least ten different biomes are
discussed in the reading for this week. For the Discussion activity for this week, you can work with the ten
biomes described in the reading for this week
STEP 1: Be sure to read the Ecosystems chapter for this week to prepare for this Discussion.
STEP 2: Listen to the My Biome Song by teacher Mr Parr.
STEP 3: Choose a biome from among the many different biomes described in our chapter reading for this
week and write your own verse, in your own words. When read or rapped, your verse should last at least 20
seconds. Your creation should be informative and clearly present specific features of the biome you chose.
Creative content that is general and could relate to any biome will not receive full credit.
STEP 4: Post your creation and title your Subject line as the biome type you chose.
Flowing in the deep
Seeping, creeping
Some fish glowin’ on their own, flowing like water birds, flown
Light their own way—Bioluminescent!
Biochemical light, showing the way in the deep descent
Not sunlight, but humans bleached the coral white like Clorox
Immersed in excess carbon dioxide now—All in shock!
Can’t keep Nemo safe no mo’
Coral life gone home

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