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this is the topic, I have written the paper but the one policy about the cod I would like to be revised to either the clean air act or clean water act.

Prompt #1: Scales of environmental policy

Environmental policy can be constructed at different “levels” or “scales,” including the local, state, federal, and international. Logical reasons exist for why we might want to address a given policy problem at one scale or another, but particular historical and political situations play an important role in how policy processes actually play out.

Choose at least 2 examples in which policy could have been pursued at more than one scale. For each example, consider the following questions:

  • Why did policy proceed in the way that it did?
  • What has the scale at which it proceeded meant for the character and outcome of the policy?

Make a clear argument in your essay about scale and environmental policy, supported by the analysis of the examples you choose.

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