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b. Critically endangered and endangered species – approximately how many are left? When is the estimated time they will become extinct? What is the major cause of their future demise?c. Vulnerable – how many are there left or have reappeared? What is being done to help them comeback. What was the cause of their decline or demise?2. The socio-political and economic pressures that have caused or are causing the extinction of these species.a. Human involvement: hunting, pollution, changes to their environment (cities built etc.)b. Government involvement: war, growth3. What are the ecological consequences surrounding the status of these species. What will happen or has happened because of the loss of these species to their environment? (Keystone/indicator species?)a. Ecological ramifications because of status – on the community, habitat of other species in environment.
b. What are we as a human species doing to stop the loss of the species or what did we try to do? For the long ago extinct species, what are we doing to learn about them so that we can take information about their time and the cause of their extinction?
a. Organizations/agencies involvementb. Government involvement/Education involvement
You please need to find the information about the Acinonyx jubatus Cheetah& Bromeliohyla dendroscarta Tree Frog. Also please put it in a presentation and only make bullet point not fully sentences.

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