ESSAY 1. 2-3 full pages DUE DATE: March 17th Instructions: 1. Choose 1 of the 7

2-3 full pages
DUE DATE: March 17th
1. Choose 1 of the 7 Short Stories.
2. Choose a Literary Device (metaphor, symbol, imagery, character, plot, setting, juxtaposition, etc) to look for in the story.
3. Write a paper that A) shows and explains at least 3 examples of your chosen Literary Device in the story, and B) offers your interpretation of the story.
Literary Devices and concepts: Narrator. Imagery. Irony. Juxtaposition. Ambiguity. Symbol. Metaphor. Tone. Personification. Character. Setting. Plot. Grotesque.
Literary Devices are everywhere in the texts of our readings. In every story we read, you can find lots of examples of imagery, irony, tone, and other literary devices. Here’s a few examples: There is irony in Story of an Hour (think of the cause of Mrs Mallard’s death. Is it really what it appears to be — “a joy that kills” or is it something not apparant to the other chatacters?). There is also juxtaposition and imagery in the same story (the beautiful imagery of Spring appears just as Mrs Mallard isolates herself to mourn her husband’s death). There is also irony in A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings (think of the villager’s expectations of the old man as an angel versus the grotesque reality that he might just be a very old man with enormous wings). Now think of your favorite short story you read in class. . . What kind of literary devices can you find the author using? But more importantly: what does the device do to the story? What does it mean? What it’s purpose? It’s function? What does it tell us about the characters, about life, about human relationships, etc? Remember it’s your interpretation. So be creative!
1. Personification and Virginia Woolf’s A Haunted House. Remember the line: “‘Safe, safe, safe,’ the pulse of the house beat gladly. ‘The Treasure yours.’” That’s personification! Because the author gives the house human characteristics (a heartbeat). So a paper on this topic would quote the lines that show personification, but even more importantly your paper would answer why it matters to the story. Your paper would offer an interpretation on why personification is so meaningful to the story.
Sample Structure:
Intro. (1-2 paragraphs). Introduce the story and author you chose. Summarize it in a sentence or two. Introduce the literary device you chose. Write a thesis statement (your interpretation) about why this literary device is so important to the story.
Body. (2-3 paragraphs). Introduce and quote each instance that the literary device appears in the story. I suggest finding at least THREE instances, so you can prove it is a pattern! Quote it every time! Also, explain why each instance is so important, remarkable, or interesting in the story as a whole.
Conclusion. (1 paragraph). This is possibly the most important part of your paper. Summarize your thesis, and remind the reader what you did in the essay. But even more, be creative, think deeper, and articulate why your thesis is meaningful to the story, to life, or journeys in general.
Think of your analysis as your interpretation of the story. And your interpretation is your thesis.
For your thesis, find a pattern (a repeating image, idea, thing), and interpret its meaning and why it matters to the story.
Use LOTS of quotes from the story to support your thesis!
Be sure to write a strong conclusion that gives a clear sense about your interpretation of the story.
Remember to include a unique title that gives your essay a good impression!
For your essays, you will do two things: a Close Reading Analysis and a Personal Interpretation.
You will choose a literary device (such as character, symbols, imagery), and highlight the device in one of the readings. For example, you might write an essay on Symbols in Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour. Or Imagery in Márquez’s A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.
You will create your own interpretation of the story we read.

The post ESSAY 1.
2-3 full pages
DUE DATE: March 17th
1. Choose 1 of the 7 appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post ESSAY 1.
2-3 full pages
DUE DATE: March 17th
1. Choose 1 of the 7 first appeared on nursing writers.

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