Essay Topics:1. How is international security different in the 21st Century compared to the 20th Century?2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of securitizing new threats such as the environment, health or migration?3. How do different approaches in International Relations (Realism, Liberalism, etc.) differ in their predictions for how states are likely to pursue security?4. How does the environmental security nexus challenge traditional assumptions about what counts as security and the ways of providing it?5. What do critical approaches to the study of security have to say about the phenomenon of war?6. What is the significance of the claim that security is socially constructed?7. Security Studies should continue to focus on ‘the study of the threat, use and control of military force’ (Stephen Walt). Critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this perspective on security.8. What is critical about critical security studies? Evaluate the core contributions offered by one critical perspective on security2400 wordsEssay Deadline:  November 29th  3 PM
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