Evidence | Criminal homework help

What is meant by the term “relevant evidence”? What is the general rule concerning the admissibility of relevant evidence? Who makes the decision at trial that the evidence offered is relevant?
While relevant evidence is presumptively admissible, many legal theories will result in the exclusion of relevant evidence for a variety of reasons, some logical and some based on public policy. What are some of the reasons stated in Federal Rule of Evidence 403 to exclude relevant evidence from admission in court? Explain the rationale for the reasons stated.
Why might evidence of fleeing the scene or flight after the crime be indicative of guilt? Why is flight following a crime not always relevant evidence of a consciousness of guilt?
Under what circumstances may summaries of voluminous documents be admitted into evidence in lieu of the actual documents?
What is meant by the term chain of custody? Is real evidence always inadmissible if there are minor defects in the chain of custody? Explain your answer.

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