final paper the environment science and international political

Students are required to write an essay of 2,000 words (+/- 10 percent) on ONE of the prompts listed below.

1.Sinnott-Armstrong and Schwenkenbecher disagree on whether individuals have an obligation to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Which account is superior and why?

2. Is carbon trading an appropriate response to climate change? Why or why not?

3. Critically assess Caney’s case for just emissions. 4. Lewandowsky and his co-authors identify different problems with climate science denial than those discussed by Biddle and Leuschner. Of the two responses, which ultimately offers the most valuable insights about climate science denial?

5. Draw on your game experience to analyse a central idea or ideas in Singer OR Gardiner OR Jamieson. Identify something that happened during your game (whether or not it involved you directly) and show how it highlights considerations unmentioned by the author, and how those considerations either support or undermine their argument. Students are required to upload their essays remotely via Canvas by the beginning of the scheduled exam time. An exception will be made for students whose in-game essays are due in Week Ten (indeterminates in Monday sections), who have an extra 48 hours to submit their exam week essays.

word limit of 2,000 words (plus or minus ten per cent)

need to have a clear thesis

need for most of paper to be analysis

need for just enough summary to make your analysis clear to uninformed reader


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