FINANCE – Principles of Insurance Paper

PICK ONE PAPER: Worth up to 4 percentage points added to your final course average!

Your document will be judged on its content and appearance. The Company need not be doing well—I will judge your performance solely on how the quality of the information you provide. DO NOT SIMPLY COPY MATERIAL FROM THE INTERNET WITHOUT PROPER CITATION OR YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE. THE JUDGE’S OPINION IS FINAL!


Pick a US-based, publicly traded insurance company. You are to produce a report about the company you chose that includes the following:

Company News

A Chart of the Company’s Stock Performance

Accounting Ratio Analysis (see other document)

A Description of the Company

What YOU Find Interesting About the Company

The Company’s Competitors

The Future Outlook for This Company

Anything Else You Find Relevant

ALL FINANCIALS MUST BE FROM Sep 30, 2017 and following so the numbers are current.

Accounting Ratios

Here are the Four Accounting Ratios You Need in Your Paper:

Loss Ratio = (Losses + Loss Adjustment Expenses)/Net Premiums Earned

Expense Ratio = Underwriting Expenses/Net Premiums Written

Return on Equity = Net Income/Owners Equity

Loss Reserves-to-Surplus Ratio = ALL Loss Reserves/Surplus

(Surplus is also known as owners’ equity or net worth)

(Reserves are the sum of claims reserves, case reserves, unpaid losses, UPR)

Please think about the importance of each.

If you cannot determine these ratios from the financial information you have, do the best you can and explain what you did.


Research California Proposition 103 which passed in 1988. Describe the changes introduced by Prop 103 and some background on the politics that led to the passage of Prop 103. Do you agree with the changes made to rate regulation in California after the passage of Prop 103? Support your opinion.


Research Social Security’s long term solvency problems. Explain these problems and evaluate the possible solutions to this problem and defend one or more of these as you come up with your own plan to fix this important program.


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