Finish the following requirement and respond to others work |

Post a paragraph for each of the following:
* Introduction: Whatever your background, reflecting on your experiences can help you to be a better critical thinker and a better writer. Think about the following in composing your introduction. Where are you from? You can choose to answer this question in many ways. What is your neighborhood? State? Country of origin? Is there anything interesting about your background, experience, or interests that you want to share? You could state your possible major or career goal, and a non-academic hobby or interest. How does who you are effect your point of view (frame of reference)? Based on the readings for this week, the handout and the note on critical thinking, comment on critical thinking. How do you think critical thinking is important to your life?
* Essay 3 Creative Research Paper: Read over the document on the creative research paper. This is the final essay of the semester, but you should start now thinking about what topic you may want to choose. Your topic does not need to be a traditional one, and you will be doing some first-person fieldwork as part of your research, such as interviewing people, conducting surveys, and making observations. Topics students have chosen in the past include the Volunteering as a student, Anxiety, Challenges for women in the workplace, Abortion in China, etc. Write some thoughts about what topics you might be interested in working on for Essay 3.
Read through postings by other students, and write paragraph responses to at least two of them. Respond to a student that you have something in common with, or try to ensure that everyone receives a response. Please post by Fri. 2/1 and respond by Mon. 2/4 at midnight.

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