For the paper you are writting about Problems of Education from a social point o

For the paper you are writting about Problems of Education from a social point of view . So, you can look through the text you must do scholarly research to deliver into the evidence that exists on this matter. Essentially, cover: what is the topic, how does that issue affect people, and how does someone from the values perspective you are incorporating look at the issue? Finally, I want to know what you conclude on this topic after having done the research. This paper will be 6-7 pages long. You are allowed and, indeed, encouraged to use the internet for your research, but you must also have at least FOUR scholarly sources for your paper and that does not include the text. And Also include the textbookPaper Rules: All papers must have a cover sheet and have numbered pages (the cover page is not numbered.) Use standard 1” margins and a 12-point font. No handwritten papers. There must be a formal bibliography and all use of sources must be properly documented.TextBook Info – Problem text book chapter 11)username- [email protected] Sara242610!

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