Girls Like Sex Too

Only answer these questions based on information provided in essay! And does not need to be double spaced, at least 500 words.

1) Helen Gurley Brown, the founder of modern-day Cosmopolitan magazine, argued that Cosmo was a positive force for women because it taught them how to be independent and enjoy sex as much as men–even while single. It taught them, she said, that they could “have it all.” Do you agree? Or do you feel that Cosmo objectifies women every bit as much as Playboy, as some feminists argue?

2) What do you think of Sex and the City? Is its overriding message one of feminism? Or is it, as I have argued, a contradiction–a superficial celebration of feminism among characters who are looking for a “prince” to sweep them off their feet and take care of them? Consider, in particular, the depiction of men in the pilot episode. How does this depiction play into the overall message?

3) What do you think of the show “Girls”? How does it differ from Sex and the City? Are there any similarities? Finally, what does the show suggest about young women and their desires, not just sexually but in general?


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