here we go again i received an f can another tutor fix this asap

I GOT A F…..

Kumyiah McDonald EXCEL Week-3 Homework P3-14
Kumyiah McDonald EXCEL Week-3 Homework P3-14.xlsx

Grade: 0 out of 60 max

P3-14: There is no objective function and formulas, the LHS & RHS constraints are not set up properly, there are no Slover equations, There is no output solution, and there is no sensitivity analysis. REDO & SUBMIT ASAP. It will be assessed at reduced level. Dr. Amaria

Dr. Amaria

0 Points out of 60 max

Week-3 Homework P3-14

Critical Elements

Not Evident

Application of Methods, Tools, and Techniques

Identifies and attempts to describe a problem but unable to put key concepts in formulating the problem, cannot develop the LP layout, unable to use appropriate formulas for objective function and constraints, unable to apply Excel formulas as required to find solutions, unable to produce or limited output reports, and unable to or limited interpretation of results to answer questions asked.


Analysis is absent or inadequate and/or demonstrates no understanding of Linear Programming.

Critical Thinking – Conclusions and Recommendations

Unable to draw informed conclusions that are justified with evidence from the output reports and unable able to correctly interpret results.


Major errors related to organization and grammar. Style is not professional and/or does not use appropriate vocabulary.

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