HR Policies Programs and Procedures

HR Policies Programs and Procedures

Question descriptionThe Final Project requires you to incorporate all aspects of the course as you evaluate your organization’s Human Resources policies, programs, and procedures. You will determine if these elements are sufficient to support the organization’s overall goals and strategies.

Use company policies, handbooks, etc. and other written resources as primary documentation. You should also make sure to interview the HR Manager and other relevant leaders. In your analysis, you will use relevant research (websites, articles, texts, etc.) to support your arguments.

Directions Address the following;

1. Determine your organizations’ goals and strategies. Useful resources will include: a. Mission Statements (Windsor House Inc., mission statement is to consistently deliver high quality, person-centered care with dignity, respect, compassion, and integrity)

b. Goals and objectives stated via company (Windsor House Inc.) handbooks, websites, e-mails or newsletters, meetings, or in your interview with the HR manager or other relevant leaders

c. Plans that the organization uses to forecast for future needs as it relates to nursing professionals.

2. Identify the organizations’ HR policies, programs and procedures. You should examine any and all policies and programs that address: a. recruiting, training, on-boarding and development

b. performance management

c. labor relation (non-union)

d. employee termination

e. workforce diversity

3. Finally, you will determine if the HR policies, programs and procedures are sufficient to support the organization’s overall goals and strategies. If so, how do they align with these goals? If they fall short, be sure to suggest recommendations and improvements. This is the most important part of your paper. It is where you will be evaluating your organization’s human resource practices.

Assignment Requirements 1. Minimum of 10–12 pages with support from the research to indicate a thorough analysis

2) six scholarly references


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