i argued that the american ethnic racial past is best understood within a framework of the insider outsider dilemma what exactly did i mean and how did hist 10 ultimately bear this out

Essay: Be sure to address the questions in the prompt directly in your introduction paragraph. Your essay should set forth a clear argument (thesis) and draw upon evidence from both lectures and the readings.
A good essay will reference primary sources to support argument. You may not use notes. When we began our course, I argued that the American ethnic/racial past is best understood within a framework of the “insider/outsider dilemma.” What exactly did I mean and how did HIST 10 ultimately bear this out? In your essay, fully explore one major ethnic/racial development from each of the following periods choose a group with in these time period (1607 – 1789, 1790 – 1900, and 1900 – 1980) to demonstrate the usefulness of the insider/outsider dilemma in Understanding America’s ethnic/racial past. Your response should touch on the experiences of at least three ethnic/racial groups.
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