In order to prepare for this assignment, all students must attend 2 external investment gatherings through Meetup

In order to prepare for this assignment, all students must attend 2 external investment gatherings through Meetup, Eventbright, Clubhouse or a similar group setting. A screenshot proof of attendance should be attached as an addendum to your report. A critical component to your learning process is getting outside of the classroom and talking to other people with shared interests.
Description of Assignment: Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Design
Based upon the course learnings and participation in external investment gatherings, you will design an investment portfolio and trading strategy. You need to consider your personal propensity for risk as well as short and long-term financial objectives. The strategy can include any cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and / or investments in crypto related companies. You don’t need to include all of these in your investment thesis but you need to explain the rationale for the ones that you’ve chosen.
The strategy development can be conceptual or quantitative based upon your skill set. The final report should be 3-5 pages including graphs and visuals, and then references (citations), proof of meeting attendance and any other items following in the appendix.
Your individual report should include an explanation of the investment strategy, asset allocation decisions, and a critical analysis of the profit potential (back-tested and / or projected if possible).
The content of the report should include, but not limited to:

Executive Summary; identify the risk profile that you are addressing in your chosen strategy
Description of the Investment Strategy or Strategies used for each asset and overall
Description of the asset allocation;
Analysis of the market, macro-, industry and other factors affecting the investment decision.
Valuation of the market or specific industry, and / or company/investments;
Analysis of particular events and crypto token performance in anticipation / reaction to these events
Conclusion and insights

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