literature review 410

Literature Review Topic Selection: Shaping Cultures and Ethics of the Organization
(discuss your topic in relation to organizational design)
What is the Final Format?
As previously stated, the paper will be written in current APA format, must be a minimum of 16 pages (not including the title page, abstract, and references), and must utilize at least 15 scholarly references. The final format must include the following:

Title page;
Introduction (no longer than 1 page);
Findings (a minimum of 13 pages);
Conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions for further study (a minimum of 2 pages); and
References that are current (less than 3 years) or important for historical background.
discuss your topic in relation to organizational design

I have already completed selected a topic, and completed the cover page, Outline (must follow), and Abstract. I have also looked up the sources you should use in the paper. I have attached the annotated bilbiography. You may use mines or use your own but there must be at least 15 scholarly references.
I will attach the scholarly articles at the tutors request.
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