make a powerpoint of the new product marketing major

Our group come up with an idea of a product (Glasses) which can translate immediately what it reads or hears to a language the owner wishes to. I will post a proposal and what our group been discussing in a file so you have an idea about what we do. Your mission is to base on what we are doing to make a powerpoint and do some research about how to market it with some data information, graph, chart, compertitors,etc… there will a anther file to help guide you with it. Remember this product has not been on market yet, everything is just planned (imaginary) so you can fake it up at some points or its features,etc… please have THE SPEAKER NOTE WITH what you talk about that slide in paragraph or any form you like. There will be 15 slides (required) and 5 slides optional (you can do if needed) so total up to 20 slides.
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