Managerial Communications

The final project requires you to analyze a contemporary managerial communications issue. The selected
contemporary managerial topic for this final project is “Successful Communications Skills for Mediating,
Negotiating, and Settling Grievances.” The report must maintain a sharp focus on the theory, concepts, and
vocabulary of managerial communications. Your topic choice becomes the object of the research; that is, your
case study provides the real-world situation that allows you to demonstrate that you can apply the theories and
concepts to real situations. Your report should demonstrate the role that effective managerial communications
has in promoting opportunities for business development.
The Final Project paper must follow a specific basic outline which will be attached as a file to this order.
A university-level research paper must be professionally written using APA citation format, including in-text
references to facts and ideas from other sources. Also, the final work requires an appropriate References
Preferred fonts are Calibri 11-point or Arial 11-point with 1-inch margins.
For this paper I ask that you write it from a Managerial Communications point of view. Some outside research
into key vocabulary and principles may be required to gain a better understanding of the material. Please follow
the research paper outline format that will be attached to this order. I appreciate all of your assistance and help
with this paper.

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