need to do six slides of ppt for the part of the restaurant strategy

I need your help to make six slides of ppt for the part of the restaurant strategy. This restaurant is named “Charlies Kitchen”, it is located in the Boston, MA. so you need to research this restaurant and get more information about this restaurant before you do the ppt. And I upload the PPT about what we learned about Process analysis and Process Strategy, please read them first, it is very important!

Please put more words, charts and pictures into each slide, so I can make sure everyone understand what I am talk about.) and one more thing is please write unless one and half pages of a speech for me, use simple words to describe those slides; one slide comparison with one paragraph on the speech sheet. thank you!

And here are requests of the ppt (two parts, so maybe three slides for each part :

1. Process analysis (Ch 7): – Individual work is necessary. Each group member will analyze a process using one of the tools of process analysis. Each group member will choose one tool of process analysis from the text (flowchart, time-function mapping, value-stream mapping, process chart, or service blueprint) to analyze a key process at the company. Each group member should choose the tool that best serves his or her own learning & development. (One for each group member, please.) Please feel free to hand sketch the maps/charts. Please use appropriate symbols on your graphs to avoid point deductions.

2. Process Strategy (Ch 7): Using the Theory of Constraints: IDENTIFY from Section 4: As a group, please tell the reader what you identified as a key constraint on ONE (choose from any of the above process analysis tools). Please show the constraint visually (e.g. circle on the tool) and briefly describe the constraint in this section.

    • PLAN TO OVERCOME: Please explain the plan you developed to overcome the constraint.
    • FOCUS: Please explain how you will focus resources.
    • EXPECTED OUTCOME(S): Please explain what you expect will be the outcome (effects) of the reduction of the constraint. Please show this visually on a revised tool (i.e. revised process analysis tool) showing your expected future state.


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