Organizational Culture and Culture Change

Organizational theory and organizational culture are closely related concepts that describe how individuals and groups behave and function within the organization. From time to time, and for various reasons, organizations must change their operating environment; a process referred to as organizational development. Organizational development interventions are undertaken to facilitate the process of change, which, as you might imagine, is not always easy or well-received.

Watch these Ted Talks about organizational culture and organizational change:

3 Ways to Create a Work Culture That Brings Out the Best in Employees (YouTube 12:38)
The Inner Side of Organizational Change (YouTube 22:06)
Using the job occupation you selected for the Work Samples activities, address the following in a thoughtful post of at least 500 words:
What organizational theory/theories are most relevant to the context of the job you chose? Explain your answer. Why is the theory you chose a better fit than the alternatives?
As the I/O consultant what culture change interventions would you recommend to facilitate effective organizational change in this context? Justify your answer. How would you suggest managing resistance to change?
Return to this discussion activity throughout the module week and reply with meaningful comments to a minimum of one of your colleagues.

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