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Each student will be responsible for coming up with a new business idea and preparing a financing proposal for their startup concept. You may modify an existing company business approach or create your own, as long as it is somewhat reasonable. So a satellite launching business is okay, but a tourist business to Mars not so much. The purpose of this exercise is to apply the concepts learned throughout the course to a practical fundraising exercise. As discussed in more detail below, the analysis will consist largely of a PowerPoint presentation with descriptive bullet points, and will require construction of a detailed financial model in Microsoft Excel.
The integrative case has the following subparts
1-Provide an overview of your business concept and business model. Include a description of the business, the value proposition, the target market, marketing plan, revenue model, competitive advantage, etc. What are the key success factors? Technical hurdles? Include any actual industry information and statistics you can come up with that are relevant to your investment thesis. You may want to reference some existing companies if it provides a good analogy for your business model.

Develop a detailed financial model for the company with as much detail as is necessary for you to defend your projections. Based on your forecast, when does the company become profitable, and when does the company become cash flow positive. How much money do you need to raise until the company is cash flow positive? Will you require multiple rounds of financing?
Present your proposal for the amount and type of financing you are looking to raise. What are the key provisions in terms of equity ownership and other financial terms that you are offering to the potential investor? What are the expected returns on the proposed investment using at least two different operating scenarios? What is the basis for the ultimate valuation of the company? What other terms are you offering? Provide a summary term sheet.
Finally, present your overall investment thesis and investor pitch. What are the positive factors? What are the risk factors? Explain why the risks and returns are sufficient.

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