post-feminism hyper-masculinity intersectionality homonormativity

2 pages, double spaced, one-inch margins, 12-pt. type

Cite your examples and any class materials that you quote

Use a consistent citation style such as Chicago Manual of Style or APA

Using a recent issue (within the previous 6 months) of the New York Times (available through the libraries site), find examples of at least two different concepts related to gender that we have studied during Unit 2.

Concepts could include:

You may need to read ahead in course materials to encounter these ideas.

Identify and link to your examples (photo, text, or advertisement).
Write a 2-page reflection discussing how the identified ideas are represented in your examples
Include a paragraph that describes the example
Make a claim as to the impact of these concepts on the reader, establishing this as your thesis in the introduction and then revisiting in the conclusion.
Your assignment should be structured as an essay with a clear introduction that includes a thesis and subsequent paragraphs that support your thesis.
Make sure to be descriptive while clearly connecting your example to the class concepts. You are primarily being evaluated according to your comprehension and ability to apply gendered concepts studied in our class.


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