ps385 unit 9 dp amp ass

The content for Unit 9 is related to the following areas of the BACB Fourth Edition Task List:

BACB Task List: D-01, I-01 through I-03, I-06, J-06, J-01 through J-02, J-10 through J-12, K-01, K-06

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Discuss components of a behavior intervention plan.
  • Create a behavior intervention plan.
  • Examine ethical considerations related to the implementation of behavior intervention plans.
  • Read the following chapter in your Ethics for Behavior Analysts text:
    • Chapter 9: “The Behavior Analyst and the Individual Behavior Change Program” (Guideline 4)
    • Killu, K. (2008). Developing effective behavior intervention plans: Suggestions for school personnel. Intervention In School & Clinic, 43(3), 140–149.

    Unit 9 Assignment

    • you will play the role of a BCBA who is an independent contractor in the Prince George County school district. You will be provided with three case scenario options reflecting the need for intervention in the school setting. You can choose scenario option 1, scenario option 2, or you may create your own scenario (option 3) for the Assignment. Your goal will be to discuss considerations in developing a behavior intervention plan (BIP) to address the problem behaviors discussed in the scenario. You will utilize the assigned article reading for the current unit as a guide to discuss the essential elements of the behavior intervention plan. In addition, you will use the Bailey and Burch text in preparation for a discussion of ethical concerns related to your recommendations for the behavior intervention plan.

    Once you have reviewed the Unit 9 Assignment scenarios , view the Unit 9 Assignment instructions located in Course Documents.


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