Psychology Discussion Questions 5

Please answer each question pertaining to psychology each question a minimum of 155 words.  Provide references APA format. Due Wednesday  February 1st
1. How are intelligence and achievement tests used together?  Does using these tests together improve or impact the reliability or validity of either?  In what way?
 2. Ch 9: How is intelligence defined and measured? Do you think its valid and reliable?  Give reference to why or why not
3. Ch: 11 How are assessments used in the educational environment?  What are your feelings on this?  Are there better ways to utilize testing in this environment?
4. CH : 11 In what ways are intelligence and achievement and the ways in which we measure them similar and different?
5. Intelligence and achievement: Just how correlated are they?
Artilcle reference by: Jack A. Naglieri Brienan T. Bornstein, George Mason University
6. Intelligence and educational achievement Summarize the attached article and give your input on what you think of intelligence test and educational see attachment
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