reading response.

Please reply to the text under. What do you agree/disagree with? why? elaborate.

1) Managers perform basic management functions by practicing various techniques that improve their time management skills. One such technique is multitasking, which involves performing multiple tasks simultaneously. This allows for more work to get completed in a more efficient manner, though managers must be wary of their effectiveness while multitasking. Additionally, managers may choose to delegate work to trustworthy colleagues, as well as selectively choosing which tasks on their agenda are of immediate importance. Lengthy meetings that serve little purpose can be shortened or cancelled altogether. Ultimately, these techniques result in an increased amount of free-time that allows managers to perform often overlooked functions such as planning.

2) As with most skills in life, people skills can be learned, and changing your career path is not necessary if you are fully committed to improving in this area. The biggest obstacle for many people is the willingness to communicate. Countless individuals seek to survive by putting in the least amount of effort possible. Applying this strategy to people skills within a management role will prove to be a disaster because it will result in underachieving employees who adopt a similar mentality. Beyond a manager’s willingness, he or she can apply three methods of improving their people skills. First, take pauses in between sentences to allow the other person to respond, thus encouraging dialogue. Second, ask questions for clarity to ensure both parties are on the same page. Third, paraphrase the speaker’s words into your own to show you understand their point of view. Practicing these three aspects of communication will greatly enhance your people skills.

3) Effectiveness is the degree to which goals are achieved, and efficiency is the amount of resources used to achieve those goals. Improving both simultaneously requires being wise with your time and practicing good time management skills, and the outcome is a high degree of performance. This concept applies to every aspect of life, whether it be academics, sports, or work. For example, multitasking may seem like a reliable source of efficiency, but often it results in a lack of effectiveness because you do not perform the tasks to the greatest of your ability. Particularly within academics, multitasking results in worse grades because your entire focus in not on a single subject. In this case, low effectiveness combined with low efficiency will equal low performance, or in other words, poor grades in school.


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