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Employers more strategic in recruitment tactics
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Amber Free

From this week’s electronic reserve readings article, Employers more strategic in recruitment tactics the discussion for how employers strategize to recruit employees. There are several factors for why individuals choose employment. The most obvious is for financial purpose. This article provides an important factor that is just as significant to recruiting alternative to monetary gain advising the statement “More than money”. “Treacy Crowley, senior vice president and director of recruiting for KeyCorp, says it’s a misperception that recruiting is all about compensation” (Booth, 2007, p. 2). A few additional benefits the organization I am employed provide beneficial to recruitment is the amount of paid holidays provided yearly. Another is the ability to use health improvement such as tracking steps monthly to have the organization pay up to 80% of employee and employee dependents insurance benefits. These benefits are posted on the website as reasons to join and remains employed with the company. I found it interesting that they validate alternative reasons to provide additional accommodations than just money for employment retention and recruitment.

Anyone else have an employee offer additional benefits which contribute to factors of accepting or remaining employed with an organization?


Booth, J. (2007). Employers more strategic in recruitment tactics. Crain’s Cleveland Business, 28(31), 8. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.contentproxy.phoenix.e…


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