Roll Up Your Sleeves

Weekly Discussion: Roll Up Your Sleeves


You have just been elected President of the “Good Doers Club.” As President, you are responsible for designing a door to door campaign to get the people to do one of the following (pick the topic you like best):

·         Donate blood

·         Help build housing for a low-income residence.

·         Donate used but in good condition household items for the “Good Doers Club” yard sale – proceeds go to a good cause

·         Convince employees to take advantage of the free flu shots their employer had paid for as a service to them


Post by tomorrow 02/22/2017, a minimum of 550 words in APA format with at least 2 psychology scholarly articles which include the level one headings as numbered below:


1.      What tactics will you instruct your solicitor to employ?

2.      Give a brief step by step account of what the solicitor should do (bullet point format is fine).

3.      Justify your approach with supporting evidence as to why this is the best way to proceed; that is, how does it improve the chances influence will lead the conformity?



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