Rough Draft of Rhetorical Analysis Essay |

Osteoporosis: Disease ProcessDecember 30, 2020
Be sure to review the Guidelines for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay very carefully, especially the section entitled “Organizational Strategies & Checklist.” Be sure your introduction includes all of the information from this section.When submitting your rough draft of your Rhetorical Analysis Essay, be sure you have a title, introduction paragraph, thesis statement, and at least one complete body paragraph. Please put your thesis statement in bold. If you do not include all of your body paragraphs, at least indicate in the draft what they will focus on, so I can make sure you are on the right track.Also, don’t forget to highlight your words/phrases used from “Templates & Transitions” and “Making Moves with Sources,” and include quotes (examples from both articles) in your body paragraph(s).Finally, submit a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Please review the grading rubric for this homework assignment so you know how you will be evaluated. Also, just because you receive full credit on this homework assignment does not mean there aren’t things you will need to revise for the final draft. Once the rough drafts are graded, be sure to review the rubric and submission comments for feedback from me.
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